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Return on Investment for Home Improvements

Wondering what kind of return you can expect after investing all that money into making home improvements? Here are estimates reflecting the percentage you may be able to recoup at the time you sell your home.*

150% - Remodeled Kitchen

Kitchen updates can reward home sellers with substantial payback. Keep in mind, though, that fancy finishes and highly personalized taste can make a dent in your profit. Simple, functional and neutral are the bywords here.

100% - Revitalized Lawn and Garden

Rolling green and a splash of floral color - it draws potential buyers like hummingbirds to lilacs. A few hundred dollars invested may return thousands in profit.

100% - Fireplace

Warmth, tradition ... hearth and home. Especially if it's energy-efficient (like many gas models), this one's a sure winner.

90% - Second Bath

... or even a humble lavatory - it can make a difference in civilized living for many families.

80% - Room Addition

Most popular choices for resale value - a family room or an extra bedroom.

60-80% - Remodeled Bath

With a master bath on most buyers' wish lists, this is a wise place to invest. Consider installing two sinks to handle the morning rush hour.

70% - Deck

Regardless of locale, outdoor living spaces are in demand! Low-maintenance decking material leaves more time to enjoy the view.

50% - Exterior Paint

You'll take years off an older home with fresh color and finish. It ranks highest in adding "curb appeal".

40% - Finished Basement

A terrific way to add space without building a costly addition. Walk-out access adds even more value.

40% - Heating System

Replace the existing one only if it's dysfunctional. Buyers' preferences vary on this one.

35% - New Windows and Doors

Energy-efficient and visually appealing, these worthy additions don't necessarily translate into recouped investment. Alert prospective buyers to the reduced energy bills.

Changes That May Not Matter

Some renovations don't affect resale profits, and others could actually detract including swimming pools, water gardens, and greenhouse additions. The value of these types of features is in the eye of the prospective buyer.

*Rates of return vary by region, trends and period of time.

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